Valhalla Snood (Buff)

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Breathable, thin material.
Covers your neck and face to help you block the sun and dust
Italy environmentally friendly ink

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Valhalla Velo breathable cooling multifunctional headband. 12 different ways for your adventures and daily life, could be worn as headwraps, neck gaiter, scarf bandana, sweatband headband, balaclava, face mask, beanie, neckerchief, bandelet, armband, hairband and bandelet. Wear it as a face or neck cover to protect from dust and sun’s rays. Wear it as a foulard to keep your curly hair out of your face, as a headband while hiking to keep sweat out of your eyes, or wear it as a running scarf.

DeanDot fabric: whole piece
85% polyester /15% Elastane, 130GSM
DeanDot fabric is created to be extremely breathable, soft and comfortable. Excellent stretch to fit the body lines. It has a cooling function, and give antibacterial as well as the deodorizing effects.

1. The bacteriostatic rate against Staphylococcus aureus reaches 99.99% with the help of Bamboo charcoal fiber.
2. Cool sensation injection: You can feel the coolness after sweating. Active ingredients, embedded in a unique multi-layer micelle structure, could be triggered through humidity. The cooling effect would become gradually weaker with the increase of washing times.

How to use magic headband

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